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Dr. Peter Celec

Fetal DNA and Preeclampsia

Prof. J Lee Nelson

Microchimerism in Space and over time
(Our Interstellar Movie)

Prof Willem H Ouwehand

60 Years of Blood Cell Genomics

Katri Haimila

Fetal RHD screening in Finland

Agnieszka Orzinska

Non-invasive prenatal testing of HPA*1A in Poland

Micheaela Hýblová

Towards affordable NIPT

Michael Parks

Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD)

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Thank you for your participation

Thank you for your participation at the cfDNA2015 meeting. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the meeting and found it interesting and inspiring. It was very impressive to see the number of delegates present all the way to Friday afternoon.
The speakers excellently brought different interesting topics into play in relation to analysis of cell-free DNA. Current and future clinical applications of cell-free DNA were presented from different fields, and very interesting new approaches were presented for new types of diagnosis. Also, the posters and the oral presentations were very interesting.

Please find selected presentations available from the speakers in the program.
In addition, please see the photo gallery from the cfDNA2015 meeting.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I thank everyone for their contribution to the meeting.
And I hope to see you again in Copenhagen for the cfDNA2017 meeting. Please go to the website here: cfDNA 2017

Frederik Banch Clausen
Conference President


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